FAQ for Baby Monitor 320

1. It is a full IP camera with full streaming audio.

2. Control the audio with the volume control

3. You need to start the audio by pressing the Speaker On Icon on the Camera section.

4. Turn the audio off on either app activity camera or camera receiver.

5. If the network hangs or connects or reconnects please click on the refresh icon, it is on both activities.

6. Baby Monitor 320 uses a default 320 x 240 resolution at 10 frames per second. This allows for the best performance of both audio and video on lower end phones or tablets.

7. Android 4.1 is the minimum operating system for this app

8. The ip address ( kind of like the home address for the phone ) is displayed on the phone. For the receiver section Parent you need to use the ip address of the childs phone. That is what you type in.

9. The Ip Cam receiver can receive from any ip address webcam as long as it is 320x240 and the sending format is MJPEG.