Working on some really  cool apps right now, including an App that will text without having a cellular interface.  It works on WIFI, so the phone that you have upgraded from and gave to your kids becomes useful again.


It gives your kids a way to communicate with the parents, because who in their right mind will give a 9 year old access to your data plan.  It uses gmail as a transport mechanism.

Robot Controller apps

The following app show the following technology

App that demonstrates 

full motion video 15 fps, 320x240, the lag in video is from sensor scanning.

Background monitoring of sensors from a tcp/ip connected device

Servo motor control via tcp/ip


This video demonstrates technology for 

Full streaming video 320x240 at 15fps

Google voice api

tcp/ip connections, there are three channels used in this app

I use speech to text, and text to speech which is shown in this video.  The device has a low battery, and it sends a notification to the app via tcp/ip and the app speaks the "Battery Lo 5" to the user.  Sometimes it is easier to use voice for notifications.

As you can see the response time is very good, and our speed and configuration allows us to drive while blind, at a reasonable speed.  This phone is using android version 4.04


Here is a few screenshots I took of an app I wrote to demonstrate bluetooth communications technology.  The android device will communicate to a bluetooth device and vice versa.