Ziggy Tracker is a real time tracking app. 10 second refresh time from all members of the group. Add as many members to a group as you want. Watch your members as they come home from school, or work etc. See if they are somewhere else. Works with all phones and tablets. Set Waypoints to find your car in a parking lot. App has different modes to save on battery life.


Hwy - Highway driving mode, best on your battery and on highway City - Driving within a city lots of stop and go Run - Running or biking Walk - Highest accuracy for walking, good for pinpointing a location

Hide - Hide members if they are out of range of the screen

* - Bookmark a waypoint > - Go to waypoint screen with blue line to follow and directions to get there


A group has to be created to use this app, have main user create the group and then forward the user id and password of this group to all the members. + - Creates the group - - Deletes the group


A member has to be created to be associated within a group, a group can have many members. Just add the username and password associated with the group to be added to the group. All members of the group will be able to access all locations on a map of members of a group. Every few seconds this app will refresh to show the locations of every member of the group. Watch all your members coming home from work or school. Great for not worrying about your kids on your way home from school. + - Creates the member - - Deletes the member

Only one member allowed per device, and only one group is allowed to be created per device.

There is no limit to the amount of members for each group. Hide any members using hide function to simplify your screen.

Mark your location to backtrack and find that specific location again. Such as marking the location of your car when it is parked. Follow the trail back to your car. Never lose your car again.

This app contains In App Purchases

$1.99 for each member over three

$1.99 for access to the waypoint feature

Customer support available at Send Frank an Email